Winter Drumline

Introducing the new Alta Winter Drumline, coming 2015!


Alta High School is starting a new Winter Drumline for the 2015 season. ALL STUDENTS from any school 9-12 grade are invited to be part of it!

Audition Results

Congratulations to everyone who made it on the 2015 Winter Drumline! Below are the results for the different instrument groups (in no particular order).

Sam Nielsen
Alex Molling
Mason Bailey
Gavin Eddington
Parker Lillywhite
Braden Akagi
Ben Ellisor
Ryley Pabst
Brynnlin Smith
Madi Riley
Isaiah Horlacher

Front Ensemble:
Tyler Maxfield
Jake Lives
Aubrey Talbot
John McClain
Shawn Crook
Tanner Beck
Katie Tenney
Kristine Haight
Anika Knudsen

Our first meeting will be THURSDAY, Dec. 11 at 3:15 pm. We will go over the schedule, fees, and expectations of the group. See you then!


What is  a winter drumline?