Volunteer Descriptions
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Alta has a new (and large!) trailer that holds the percussion instruments, sousaphones, and sound system. This trailer needs a large truck to haul it. If you have a heavy duty truck and are confident in your towing abilities we can use you!

Alta High Marching Band
Band photo after a successful competition at Davis.


Playing music and marching can really work up an appetite! Volunteers can signup to be part of the food rotation to feed the marching band for rehearsals and competitions.



Band uniforms may look good – but that doesn’t mean that they’ll fit! For that the band needs skilled people to help with hemming, sewing, and maintaining the marching uniforms.

Alta Band Uniform Sketch
Sketch of the Alta Band uniform.


It’s essential to keep parents notified of upcoming events and competitions. Having someone in charge of making sure the right information gets delivered saves the band from mistakes and headaches!

Pit Crew

Before every competition performance, the band has a small window to move all their equipment on and off the field. Take too long, and your band could lose points on their score! That’s why a “Pit Crew” is needed to get everything on the field in a timely manner..

Alta Band Pit
Waiting to go on to the field before a competition.

Make a Donation

All contributions will go toward the Alta Band program. Thank you for your support!

Dan and Linda Duffin - Transportation

"Watching the Alta Marching Band grow from the ground up was great to see. What a ride!"

Dan and Linda Duffin - Transportation

Nate Haines - Percussion Instructor

"Parents and volunteers are essential to make a program like this run. When the kids see support coming from the community it gives them a whole new drive to perform their best."

Nate Haines - Percussion Instructor